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WP VisitorFlow – Download and Installation


The installation is straightforward (as usual with WordPress). There are several options:

From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit „Plugins -> Add New“,
  2. Search for „Visitorflow“,
  3. Install the plugin and activate it from your Plugins page.

From WordPress.org

  1. Download WP VisitorFlow from the plugin directory on wordpress.org,
  2. Updload the folder to your „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…),
  3. Activate WP VisitorFlow from your Plugins page,

Once Activated

You will find WP VisitorFlow in the menu of your admin panel.  The default settings will allow the recording of the visitor flow right away. If you want to go into detail and customize the recording process, please have a look at the settings and also into the documentation. Have fun with WP VisitorFlow!

If you have any further question or comment, please contact us.